About Görwik Management

We help ypu find your path to new successes via our three way of working: Business Inspiration, Business Learning or Business Development..


For more than 25 years, Stefan has worked as a speaker, trainer and change leader. Prior to starting his own business, he worked at four major international educational companies. Stefan is passionate about helping leaders, employees and organizations find solutions to their needs and challenges.

Stefan introduced “Action Learning” in Sweden in the beginning of nineties and it was a great success. This concept combines theoretical training sessions with experiential exercises. Sweden’s largest media companies as Dagens Nyheter, Dagens Industri, TV4 and Swedish Public Television have written and made reportage about Stefan’s successful seminars.


We are collaborating with partners when needed, It may be companies working with surveys, conference and events, speakers bureaus etc.


We are a network of consultants with complementing competences. The purpose of our collaborations is to be able to take on more complex and larger assignments.

Our consultants


Stefan Görwik

Stefan is CEO and founder of Görwik Management. For decades he has inspired and trained leaders and employees to stronger motivation, job satisfaction and better results.
Before Stefan founded Görwik Management he worked with several larger international educational companies, for example Time Manager International and Wilson Learning.

Stefan gives speeches in both Swedish and English (he has lived in and worked for many years in USA).


Björn Neubeck

Björn is a psychologist, psychotherapeutic, KBT-therapeut and has senoir competence of supporting managers in their leadership.

Beside Björn’s work as business coach he also is working as a specialist within clinical psychology and works with rehabilitation both in private corporations and public sectors.

Björn is the perfect coach when you are facing complex HR issues like stress and conflicts.

“After an amazing and inspiring seminar with Stefan Görwik about Happiness at Work, our conference continued to be incredible fun in an atmosphere of a great community”

Monica Lindsten Rooslien
HR Manager, Océ Svenska


“Stefan, I want to thank you because during this morning’s workshop you got me back on track and made me feelhappy at work again. It ‘s like I rediscovered something I lost”

Anette Karlsson
Manager, Mariestads kommun


“Stefan is a dynamic trainer who in an pedagogical way coach our employees both in Sweden and internationally. Our work together with Stefan has been going on for four years and we are very pleased with the progress he creates”

Arto Pitkäniemi
Director Human Resources, Atlet


“A tremendous boost for the self-esteem! To discover that my limits is far beyond what I dreamed of. It feels like I got a new dimension of life. Have not felt this good for a long time. Absolutely amazing!”

Lena Rubin
Folksam Insurance