Business Inspiration

We live in a changing world with increasing demands. Imagine if everyone knew how to create motivation and job satisfaction. Imagine if everyone was inspired by change and always collaborated. Imagine if everyone took responsibility and was aware about what, why and how they should prioritize, plan and deliver results. What effects would we have then?

Increased profitability, better growth, inspired employees, greater involvement and more satisfied customers? Yes, probably.

But what is required for this to become a reality? A thoroughly thought out and anchored implementation. A dedicated leadership that shows the way. But this is not enough, you also need a motivator, someone who drives and guides leaders, employees and teams to renew and improve everyday life in order to achieve new successes.

We offer inspirational speeches for leaders and employees in different areas. Here are some examples of topics that we can help you with: Some examples of topics:

  • Change and improvements
  • Collaboration and communication
  • Leadership and employeeship
  • Motivation and job satisfaction
  • Problem- and solution focused development

Our inspirational speeches are presented for small and larger groups with up to 1000’s of participants. We work with different groups within organizations, from the top management team, the sales team to the entire organization.

To book an inspirational speech can be a good start to a journey of change. We are engaged in all phases of a change project. We deliver all kind of business inspiration from short assignments as a motivational talk to longer inspirational training programs. The purpose of our speeches is always to inspire to improvements in the work situation.
We also offer long-term trainings and coaching, read more about Business Learning or Business Development.

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“Thanks Stefan for a fun, fast-paced and great afternoon! All of us 100 participants who listened to you got many laughs, but also something to think about and take back home. As someone said to me afterwards:
– A guy with such energy is what we need at the office every now and then to lift us up and create a fighting spirit!”>

Birgitta Hultengren
ÅF-Industri & System