Business Learning

Competence and development are the foundation of successful organizations. In the last decades, the research of behavioral science has completely exploded. More than ever articles are published about individual, team and leadership development.

Those organizations that win on the market are the ones who have the best competence. Skillful talents are wants to work for organizations where leaders and employees are receiving the possibility of continuously competence development. We need creative, competent and confident people in our organizations.

We offer training for leaders, employees and teams. Here are some examples of areas that we can help you with:

Leadership development

  • Leading oneself – Personal Leadership
  • Leading others – Developing Successful Teams
  • Leading an organization – Create Changes That Improve

Our leadership courses contain various modules that can be combined.

Employee and team development

  • Work with continuous improvements
  • Developing winning teams
  • Create more motivation and job satisfaction

Our courses are suited at all levels within the organization. The group sizes vary from small teams to entire organizations.

Booking a training can be a good start on a journey of change. We deliver business learning from half-day seminars to week-long customized training programs. The goal of our education is always to inspire for improvements in the work situation.
We also offer shorter inspirational speeches, read more about Business Inspiration or consulting services, read more about Business Development.

If you are looking for a specific training or education that you do not find here, we can help you to find the right one. We have a great network of colleagues in the education industry.

“With Stefan’s enthusiastic and dynamic way of speaking, he gave us all a positive boost. He is a great motivator and inspired us to go from thoughts to action. Thank you Stefan”

Mats Jentzen
Sales director, Dell

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