Client cases

We have selected a few client cases that represent our three most common types of assignments: Shorter motivationeal speeches, longer training programs and consulting assignments. We do not to publish clients identity here, but please contact us if you want references.

Business Inspiration

Automotive industry
We were engaged to give an inspirational speech on motivation and achieving objectives. After the speech, one of the participants who was the head of a department of 30 employees, asked if we could do another seminar about change and how to dare to go outside the comfort zone. The result was great. One of the participants worked as an HR manager for a larger division within the company. He engaged us for a longer leadership training. This resulted in long term coaching for ten managers with good and measurable results.

Life science
This company planned a conference for the entire staff, about 50 people. The seminar was  about attitudes, motivation and job satisfaction and in English. We presented a proposal with short theory lectures combined with our fun experience-based pedagogy. Usually, they engaged new lecturers each year, but the result of our program became so appreciated that we were trusted the assignment to speak at the two following years.

Public sector – within county council
This seminar was about developing winning team and increasing work satisfaction The participants were given useful tools that helped them in everyday life. The management team wanted to go further with the training. We proposed the training program Personal Leadership, for both managers and employees. The program was designed as several half-day seminars with individual coaching. We also worked with their own work-related challenges through our problem-solving model.

Business Learning

Telecommunication industry
This client was a division that has a turnover of SEK 1.5 billion and part of a greater global organization. After an extensive change project, the management team needed help with both structural and cultural challengers. We proposed an initial program of two plus one day and tasks to work with between the meetings. The program was a combination of our training programs Organizational Leadership and Developing the Winning Team. We also did a focus survey that clarified their needs and challenges, which made the program aligned into their specific work situations. The program was so successful that another four management teams also attended this special designed leadership training program. As a result, we also implemented selected parts of the program for project managers and administrators with a very successful result. Three of the five seminars were conducted in English.

Process industry
In this case, the assignment was about strengthening the collaboration and team spirit among just over 100 employees. We got 1.5 days for training and it would take place at a mountain resort. We presented a proposal with a combination of practical team exercises outside and indoors and shorter theoretical lectures. The response was very positive among all participants. This led to continued long time business coaching for the management team to develop values and a new business plan. Over the next few years, we did also two longer training programs for the entire staff.

Global IT company
In this international organization, a member of the Swedish management team had previously attended a training with us. The management team wanted to motivate their key account managers in Europe, when it was a recession at the time. They wanted to use action learning pedagogy with motivation in focus. We proposed to do all three days in southern France where we have a partner that provides a great action learning site and also can deliver all extra services as travel, food, lodging at a very affordable price. The training program was ranked among the participants as the best they experienced.

Business Development

Our consultant assignments within Business Development are often designed as leadership coaching or team coaching..

Executive coaching with feedback
This case was about a manager who had received bad scoring by the employee surveys for several years, but failed to turn the results. We started with a thorough analysis of the situation. Then we designed a program together with the manager and his staff. We agreed on a method where we weekly assessed the managers performance based on a number of selected criteria. From the analysis, the manager received every week measurable feedback on his leadership. The results showed a continuously and steady development in the behavior and when the next annual survey was done, the result was beyond expectations. During the second year he was promoted to a be manager for another group and the results from the employee surveys became a great success.

Leadership Coaching
This case is about a young and talented manager who himself has taken the initiative to develop his leadership. One of the obstacles was actually his own manager who did not want to support him further up in the chief hierarchy. Together we clarified which areas of his leadership needed to be developed. The coaching focused on personal structure, prioritizing and problem-solving tools and personal branding. The result of the coaching led to a new and very attractive manager position.

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